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Krates Wifi Instructions

Krates offers Free Wifi internet to all Slip Customers and their visitors. The internet provided is intended for general web browsing, social media, email etc. What the Free Wifi is not suitable for is "high bandwidth" usage (such as Netflix/Android TV, 1080P IP Cameras, Torrents etc).

We have a series of gigabit connections devoted entirely to providing a strong reliable connection to the internet for our Wifi users. With this in mind we are introducing a new Wifi Portal to better control the data usage of each connection. We are now controlling the maximum connection speed of each connection in an effort to keep the internet up running, and usable, even during our busiest and most congested times.

Now once we get this new Wifi Portal fully integrated and functioning, we will be introducing Premium Wifi, which you can purchase and will provide a connection more suited to "high bandwidth" usage.

Krates Wifi Connection Instructions

Connecting to our Wifi is very easy. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Connect your device to the "Krates-Guest" Wifi Network

Step 2: Start a web browser and load this page (please note this page will only load when connected to the Krates-Guest network):

If you are experiencing connectivity isses please try logging out of the system and re-connecting. Below is the link to Logout.

Log Completely Out of System

Following this link will take to the Sign Up & Login Page.

Step 3: Sign Up / Login

The system requires you to "Sign Up", this is a simple process and only requires you to provide your Slip Number (or the slip number of the boat you are visiting). You will see a Login Form on this page as well, please disregard that form for now (this will be used for the Premium Wifi to be introducted) and click the "Sign Up!" button. You only have to do this once, the system will then associate your device with the slip number you provide for now on.

This is all you have to do, your device should be connected and able to use the internet now.

Please note: Your connection will be reset every 24 hours. You will know your connection is reset if you are unable to connect to the internet. When this happens simply load the page above, click the Sign-Up button and click the Submit button under the Slip Number heading.